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    Quotes from my books

    Occasionally I throw quotes from my books into the internet world hoping that someone will find them so exciting that they will want to buy the book immediately. I do make an effort to hunt through the manuscripts and perhaps create suitable background images. Here I throw you a few quotes – with the same hope.  

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    Short Stories

    I just realised that I’ve written 28 short stories in the last few years that have been published in anthologies. And then there are short stories that fill three short story volumes of my own, two in German: “Bisse” (BOD) and “Machtschattenspiele” (Edition Roter Drache). And one in English: “Call it a Knight“. Plus a few that I’ve written but…

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    Some of my Favorite Books

    I recently took part in a promotion project: Shepherd – explore * discover* read The best books that combine fantasy with “the past” (shepherd.com) . Here authors present one of their own books together with five of their favorite books that fit the subject or subgenre. A simply wonderful idea! I don’t know yet how many readers it will generate.…

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    My Contribution to an RPG Rulebook

    Well – not really. In fact I haven’t made any active contribution to an RPG role-playing game other than allowing my likeness to be included in the volume as a drawing. The drawing is by Sylvia and I think it turned out really well. I hereby inform you about this crowd funding project in the very own words of one…

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    Wings of Stone – Schwingen aus Stein

    I have already mentioned that the English version of „Schwingen aus Stein“ is now finally available as “Wings of Stone“. It’s always great when a new book arrives. You’ve been sitting at it for ages: writing, improving, writing, correcting, writing, editing, writing, sweating and sometimes swearing profusely, because at some point self-doubt always sets in if you sit on a…

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    New novels!

    I was a busy girl. Very busy. I have three new books out: Gefangene des Panthers – Teil 1: Verräterinnen (Prisoners of the Panther – Part 1: Traitors) in German Gefangene des Panthers – Teil 2: Monden-Feinde  (Prisoners of the Panther – Part 2: Enemies below the Moons) in German Wings of Stone (Steam Age Quest, Vol. 5 – English…

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    Canterbury Tales – Revisited

    Oh dear. It’s been a long time since I read the Canturbury Tales (a collection of twenty-four stories in verse, written in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer between 1387 and 1400). I was still a student of English and history at the time. In the “Tales”, a group of pilgrims each tell a story. An early anthology, so to speak.…

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    Found in Translation

    I should actually finish writing my current novel project. But at the moment I’m having absolutely too much fun translating  my German novel “Weltendiebe” into English. I find it interesting that only now that I’m doing the translation I notice little mistakes in the German text that neither I nor my editor noticed before. Maybe I should always translate my…

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    2023 – readings and other events

    The new year has started and I am in the process of organising readings for this year. There are a few events that I’d like to go to. At some of them I have read many times before. Some are new. Some would interest me, but are rather too far away and difficult to organise. Most readings at fantasy events…

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    Fantasy – Stealing from History by Jacey Bedford

    I was never very good at history in school. Maybe it was the dry way it was delivered, or maybe I simply wasn’t ready for it. We never seemed to take history as a whole. We always ended up studying specific periods which were not connected to the period immediately before or after. So school history was a series of…