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This is Ju Honisch’s website. I write novels, short stories, poems and songs both in English and German.

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My first book was a collection of German short stories “Bisse” (=Bites) which is now available as e-book from Hockebooks.

My first-ever novel “Das Obsidianherz” (= Obsidian Hearts) was originally published by Feder und Schwert in 2008 and received the German SF and Fantasy Award “Deutscher Phantastik Preis” 2009. An English version of this first novel is curerntly being edited and will soon be released as an e-book.

all share the same gothic novel / steampunk setting: Bavaria / Austria 1865- 1867.
Schwingen aus Stein” was awarded the “Seraph”, a literature award of the Phantastische Akademie e.V. for “Best Novel” in March 2014.

The entire series has since moved to  Droemer Knaur.

Also published at Droemer Knaur: the first two volumes of  the series “Geheimnisse der Klingenwelt” (= Secrets of the Blade World): “Seelenspalter” (Splitter of Souls) und “Blutfelsen” (Rocks of Blood)

Die Quellen der Malicorn” (The Wells of Malicorn), published by Heyne (Random House) in 2013, is not part of the previous series.

Single short stories can be found in my two short story collections
Bisse” and “Machtschattenspiele

or in anthologies published by
DIANA Verlag (Random House),
Verlag Saphir im Stahl,
Ulrich Burger Verlag,
Verlag Torsten Low,
O’Connell Press,
Feder & Schwert,
Drachenzirkel München
Edition Roter Drache

My musings on life, the universe and everything can be found in my blog.

Brand new!
My book “Elgar Eisbär und die Zivilisation” (Elgar Polar-Bear meets civilisation) has come out in 2020, published by Edition Roter Drache.

I like excitement and adventure. I love black humour and satire. And what I like is what you get.

Ju Honisch



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