There and … ah … back again

I should be ashamed of myself. You had to go far too long without a blog of mine. I tended to be much more diligent there. But I seem to  notice that the days are getting shorter. They used to be 24 hours long, but nowadays they seem to have gone down to some 17 hours per day. I’m lagging behind and eventually I shall find somebody else to blame. Anybody but me.

I have so much to tell you:
Right on time for last Halloween “BISSE” came out as an eBook at  Hockebooks That made me very happy, because many years ago, these short stories signified the beginning of my literary career. They are evil, little ditties, and it helps to have some well-established black humor when reading them. Without the black humour you will just have to be nicely scared. That will also work quite well.

bisse_ecover   final_malicorn_cover_ebook

And last week, the same ebook publishing house published “Die Quellen der Malicorn” (Wells of the Malicorn), which had come out three years ago as a paper version at Heyne (Random House). This paper version is no longer available except from some online retailers. Now there is the e-book version, which was vigorously edited and provided with a much nicer cover.

Now, of course, the background work is starting in earnest: contact literature bloggers, whether you might want to have a guest blog from me. Or whether they’d like to review the book. Of course the publisher will also be active here, but part of the work is mine. The increasing marketing work, which authors have to  do, is stealing writing time. One of the reasons why I did not blog regularly any more.

That will change now. Because everything is getting better. Or so we hope.

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