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“Schwingen aus Stein” (Wings of Stone), my last novel, won a SERAPH at the Leipzig Bookfair last spring. This was a great honour and brought me a whole number of readings at interesting places before interesting people last year. I should like to thank the organisers and the listeners!

The book turned out to be a little tardy in gathering attention otherwise: a few more reviews would be nice. I am paging the ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere here who do such an excellent – and usually unpaid – job of reviewing those books that do not come with the advertising budget of the mainstream bestseller list.

So now we venture forth into this year with a new group reading of the book starting January 16. I shall take part in the event and I would be delighted if a great many people would join this. Those of you who have the novel sitting on the bedside table waiting to be read or simply want to purchase it because Father Christmas was remiss in his duty to bring it – you now have the opportunity to read the book together with a nice group of people, to discuss it, voice your opinion or get my answers to specific questions. I’ll be there. And this is where you’ll find me. – The book and the discussion will be in German.

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