My latest novel in English – World Raiders

For my English readers : I have a new book out in English: “World Raiders“. This is a novel placed in three different time frames;


– NOW (more or less: I wrote the German version some 8 years ago).

– in 1952 (a period somehow caught between postwar and ROARING FIFTIES ( 50ies ): a time of a new and better life after a period of dread and the memory of war and brutal oppression. Still, a time of poverty for many.

– SOMETIME, – SOMEWHERE across a gulf of time in an expiring post-apocalyptic future world that has forgotten the technical and scientific achievements and take the remnants of their knowledge for wizardry or magic.
One thing they can do, though, is use the dimensional portals or gates into other time periods and different realities. But this is forbidden and punished by death.
But the truly fanatic will not be deterred by this.


World Raiders
Part 1 – Invaders

The early 1950s in Germany are not the time or place where anyone would expect a dimensional breach. Neither is today. Anne’s grandmother never talked about the terrible things that happened to her, back in 1952.
That’s bad. Because now Anne knows nothing about the danger that is already lurking right behind her. From beyond time and space, disaster creeps into her 21st century life – with deadly consequences.

Here’s a little snippet of the book:


World Raiders. Part 2 – Abductors

will be out in a couple of days. It concludes the story.

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