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    Old friends

    It’s always great when you meet up with old friends and realise that nothing has changed except the number of wrinkles on your face. I went to school with Renée. She was a year above me. One Monday morning she came to me with starry eyes. “Yesterday at church…” Her father always made her go to church each Sunday and she usually went to the English-language mass. As a diplomat’s daughter, she could pretty much choose her language. “…I turned round and looked into the most beautiful eyes in the world. He is the man of my life! It’s him or no one.” She was 18, I was 17, and to be honest, I didn’t take this spontaneous declaration of love very seriously at the time. I should have done so. They got married and are still together today, decades later. That’s quite extraordinary. Here’s to love!   Übrigens, das…

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    Sturmkrallen – my latest novel, just out

    „Sturmkrallen“, (=”Storm Claws”) is the third and final volume in the series „Die Geheimnisse der Klingenwelt” (“Secrets of the Bladeworld”). It rounds off the story of the cruel Urgorrn monstrosities and the intrepid heroines and heroes who fight them. Sturmkrallen Vol. 3 der Serie „Die Geheimnisse der Klingenwelt“ Amazon KdP, 516 Seiten, broschiert ISBN 9798323173631 Preis € 18,40 / E-Book: € 5,35     The first casualty of war is the truth, and in the eight Duchies of Predorenn truth has been dead for a long time. War has raged here for centuries, and the achievements of culture and reason of a more civilised day and age have long fallen victim to the ever-present violence and treachery. Any knowledge or information may just be an enemy ruse – or not. No one can still distinguish between superstition and a fact-based lore warning of a danger far greater than all the armies…

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    My latest novel in English – World Raiders

    For my English readers : I have a new book out in English: “World Raiders“. This is a novel placed in three different time frames;   – NOW (more or less: I wrote the German version some 8 years ago). – in 1952 (a period somehow caught between postwar and ROARING FIFTIES ( 50ies ): a time of a new and better life after a period of dread and the memory of war and brutal oppression. Still, a time of poverty for many. – SOMETIME, – SOMEWHERE across a gulf of time in an expiring post-apocalyptic future world that has forgotten the technical and scientific achievements and take the remnants of their knowledge for wizardry or magic. One thing they can do, though, is use the dimensional portals or gates into other time periods and different realities. But this is forbidden and punished by death. But the truly fanatic will…

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    The Paracryptozoological Annual Conference

    Last weekend saw me busy at an extraordinary event. The Annual Paracryptozoological Conference took place at the “Bakerstreet“ in Saarbrücken. I was a speaker there. If you don’t know right away what is hidden behind the word paracryptozoology, don’t be embarrassed: It is a field of research that basically does not exist. Paracryptozoology deals with “creatures that are so extinct that they probably never lived”. To sum it up: the little creatures we are researching have sprung from our eccentric brains. And what an impressive number of eccentric brains they were! I am proud of us. A glance at the programme reveals the infinitely important and sometimes very dangerous creatures we deal with. I, for example, or rather my scientific alter ego, Dr. Rosa-Eleonore Meyer-Hübschlieb, am concerned with the Diantus Glandularis Sugens = the carnation sucker, a worm-like parasite with a carnation head, which in its most dangerous form finds…

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    Quotes from my books

    Occasionally I throw quotes from my books into the internet world hoping that someone will find them so exciting that they will want to buy the book immediately. I do make an effort to hunt through the manuscripts and perhaps create suitable background images. Here I throw you a few quotes – with the same hope.  

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    Some of my Favorite Books

    I recently took part in a promotion project: Shepherd – explore * discover* read The best books that combine fantasy with “the past” (shepherd.com) . Here authors present one of their own books together with five of their favorite books that fit the subject or subgenre. A simply wonderful idea! I don’t know yet how many readers it will generate. With advertising and PR, you never really know beforehand, but the idea in itself is great. Have a look at their list of best historical fiction books It’s interesting to put yourself in the context of your own preferences; also in the context of what might have inspired you as an author. Context is ultimately networking. I sincerely hope that readers who have the same preferences as I do will also be inspired to become curious about my book. Choosing five favorite books was not easy. My world is full…

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    My Contribution to an RPG Rulebook

    Well – not really. In fact I haven’t made any active contribution to an RPG role-playing game other than allowing my likeness to be included in the volume as a drawing. The drawing is by Sylvia and I think it turned out really well. I hereby inform you about this crowd funding project in the very own words of one of the editors: “It’s time: The crowdfunding project of the 100 Questen Gesellschaft e.V. for the SAGA OF SILVER & WAHNSINN (has)start(ed) on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. on Startnext. The campaign in 13 single adventures was originally written 30 years ago by Steffen Schütte for the “Stormbringer” role-playing game. Now finally it will be released after several years of preparation. All game values of the campaign were transferred to MYTHRAS and the background world was designed in such a way that all terms are recognizable for those familiar with the…

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    Canterbury Tales – Revisited

    Oh dear. It’s been a long time since I read the Canturbury Tales (a collection of twenty-four stories in verse, written in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer between 1387 and 1400). I was still a student of English and history at the time. In the “Tales”, a group of pilgrims each tell a story. An early anthology, so to speak. Now I’ve picked up the audiobook as a refresher. Listened to “The Knight’s Tale”. Well, there’s a difference between reading and interpreting a literary work at university and simply enjoying it again. Or trying to. This is now my non-literary summary of “The Knight’s Tale” from my current perspective. And yes, I realise that Mr Chaucer probably found the tale just as ridiculous when writing it, as I do when reading or listening to it. Theseus, King of Athens (King? Really?) has just defeated the Amazons and taken their queen/commander…

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    Fantasy – Stealing from History by Jacey Bedford

    I was never very good at history in school. Maybe it was the dry way it was delivered, or maybe I simply wasn’t ready for it. We never seemed to take history as a whole. We always ended up studying specific periods which were not connected to the period immediately before or after. So school history was a series of snapshots, not a continuous stream. Louis XI of France followed by the industrial revolution is a big disconnect. My interest in history came long after school. It started with local history. The village where I live is not really old. There’s a farm with a door lintel dated 1642, but most of the houses, and the mill that provided work, date from around 1800. The mill had a water wheel which was fed from a mill pond, which in turn was topped up by an upstream pond which was (still…

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    About cons and witches

    Part of an author’s life is spent at conventions: weekend gatherings of like-minded people. These wonderful folks can then belong to the book industry, the fantasy and SF fandom or – in this case – filk (singer-songwriter ballads on themes of fantasy, science fiction, horror and whatever a filker can think of). Yes. I confess it freely. I am a filker. Last weekend’s con was dedicated to filk and I met up with a group of friends and hobby musicians) in Wernigerode for music and lots of cosy chatting. After the long pandemic with nothing but online meetings, it was nice to actually see and cuddle “real people” in person again. We were all vaccinated, of course, and did a covid test every morning. The hygiene rules were good. So was the general mood. Since I tore a tendon in my hand some time ago, I unfortunately couldn’t play this…